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Laloo and Rabri already had 13 children and decided to seek medical advise on how to avoid further pregnancies without interrupting their sex life. They go to a doctor in Patna who tells them that Laloo would have to undergo vasectomy.

The doctor explains the procedure and says it is very simple. He tells Laloo to light a Diwali atom bomb in a Pepsi can, hold it to his ear and count to ten. Laloo decides to take a second opinion from AIIMS, New Delhi. There again the doctor says that he will have to undergo a vasectomy. Just as the doctor was about to explain the procedure, he sees Laloo`s medical history sheet that said he came from Bihar. Once the doctor read Bihar, he also said that Laloo should place a lighted Diwali atom bomb in a Pepsi can and count to ten.

Laloo was pleased that the second opinion corroborated the first and decides to go ahead with the operation. He puts the lighted bomb in the Pepsi can, places it to his ear and starts counting on his fingers, after which he places the Pepsi can between his legs and continues counting and then BOOOOOOOOMMMMM!

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